UK complete album lyrics

In The Dead Of Night
Are you one of mine
who can sleep with one eye open wide?
Agonizing psychotic
solitary hours to decide
Reaching for the light
at the slightest noise from the floor
Palms of hands perspire               
heart goes leaping at a knock from the door
In the Dead of Night
In the Dead of Night
Rich and powerful ascend
complicated bends to be free
To indulge in what they will          
and jaded thrill or fanstasy
Shuttered windows that belie
all stifled cries from within        
And prying eyes are blind
to proceedings of the kind that begin
In the Dead of Night
In the Dead of Night
By The Light of Day
Black clouds moving gray sky to thunder
Kinetic sunrise fever and blood
Fire and water element anger
Horizon melting to blood
By The Light of Day
By The Light of Day
Silent wheel advancing years
Power and agony growing fears         
Love's a dream some pretend           
Accelerates an early end              
By The Light of Day
By The Light of Day
Don't tell me that
the wages of sin are for real
The writings on the wall              
(What's) the score what's the deal?
Don't wonder we can't see           
(thru) the wood for the trees        
No perfume we design
can ever veil the sickness on the breeze
By The Light of Day
In the Dead of Night
Time to Kill
Rip the sheets off cold ice again
Wolf at the door
Can I stand
A dog's life here for one day more
Close my eyes imagine somewhere
So far away
Silver sand
And azure Caribbean Sea
Sick of solitary holidays
Cause I never get away from here
I listen to the water drip down
In to the cell
Run amok
If I survive this living hell
Holding up this cold calaboose
Even takes
My lucid thoughts away from me
Time to kill
going nowhere
Killing time
staying where there's......
Thirty Years
Chasing rainbows for a lifetime
then left to go                  
Like shadows from the sun,
Run into traces
Of faces you thought you saw
But never seemed to mean much more    
than echoes of a day gone by         
When someone else would have to try
To light the stars
In your sky
All the things you planned
Just sand castles washed away
On tidal waves of tears,
fears overpowering
Your complex dreams just slither down
drowning in rocky pools,
Or smashed and dashed
On peril's course, divorcing prematurely thoughts                             
Of lasting love
In your life
Sometime when you've time to spare    
Feeling of missed opportunity
Spare a tear and douse your bridge
Thirty years and on the ledge
Learning all the things you planned
Thirty years in bed.
The sight
Black forest
Cool moonlight
Blue shadows
In windows
In direct
Oh to go
Down to Soho
There bold spirits don't sink so low
Gold amber
Of lights
Beer glasses
Misty nights
Oh to go
Down to Soho
Black tie night out or hobo outright
Singles bars
Cruising shark cars
Soho neon glow
When day is dawning
You wipe the sleep 
slowly from your eyes
And you remember
Soho's neon disguise
Eyes reflect in windows direct
Soho neon glow 
Mental Medication
Mental medication
Sweet music's conversation
Play for all creation here
Melody fair.
Lost in contemplation
Drown'd in medication                
Need your inspiration near
When I'm alone
I remember
Your truth is lasting                 
With the sun in your eyes
And a simple disguise
You fooled me
Strange how your calling is clear
From the sound of your voice
You don't give me no choice
You move me 
Deep lies desire for your quick'ning fire
It's a hell of a ride                 
When your courage inside
Deserts you
Clear though the calling may be
In a terrible way
You continue to say
You need me
Show me the way through your dark red door
Mental medication
Music's conversation
Need your inspiration near

Melody fair